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Hip Pocket Pizza inside
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Hip Pocket Pizza opened in 1976 as many of our loyal customers/friends throughout the years remember. Continuing the tradition of baking fantastic tasting pizza, the Kay family has owned and operated the restaurant since 1981.

Since that time, our priority has been not only providing some of the best tasting pizza you will ever eat, but also sticking with our values of being family and community minded. Hip Pocket Pizza supports our local schools and is proud to support a large variety of fundraisers and local events. We have a sincere desire to give back to the community that has been incredibly supportive of us for many decades.

We also believe dining out should be a fantastic experience whether you are on a date or having a family gathering. We have remained the go-to place for many years for not just our wonderful pizza, but a place to make long-lasting memories. Now many grandparents come in with their grandchildren and even great grandchildren to share a bit of their history which we are honored to say includes our pizza restaurant.

Yes, we have quite a history and have made numerous friends over the years. However, if you are new to the area or have never come in to try our pizza, we would love to meet you. Why not start your own tradition that includes Hip Pocket Pizza!?!

Hip Pocket Pizza

It’s as rich in taste as Hip Pocket Pizza is in history!

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